Woman Volunteer of the Year Nominee 2018

Woman Volunteer of the Year Nominee 2018

Woman Volunteer of the Year Nominee 2018 1708 1050 Best Foot Forward Foundation

The number of children in foster care is staggering and their outcomes are dismal. Fortunately, there is one person who has truly made a difference in helping us change these outcomes. Margi Cross has been intimately involved with Best Foot Forward since it was formed in 2010. As a member of the Junior League, she reached out to discuss the different ways that the Junior League supported local nonprofits with programs such as Done in a Day and Community Support grants. Margi helped us form a long standing relationship between BFF and the Junior League.

She also connected us to a local homeowner’s association that coordinated a Thanksgiving food drive for the foster youth in our program. This is the fifth year that they will be collecting for BFF, and Margi still comes and helps us gather and sort the food each year. She also coordinates the annual Day of Impact between JL and BFF.

As if her time spent volunteering through the Junior League was not sufficient enough, Margi also became involved with BFF personally. If you know Margi, then you know that that she will do whatever needs to be done, as long as it means helping someone. She is not interested in titles, but rather, how do I roll up my sleeves and help. She picks up and delivers donated books to BFF, buys clothing for our kids in need, is a member of our auction and décor committees for our annual Bash fundraiser, and sponsors events.

Her volunteer position through BFF is aptly named, community liaison. Margi has also connected us to many financial resources in the community and is the catalyst for several donations and multi-year grants that have supported our programs for children in foster care. Margi deserves to be “Woman Volunteer of the Year” not only because of her selfless commitment to Best Foot Forward, but also for the time and support she provides to countless other organizations such as the Junior League of Boca Raton , Spirit of Giving, Hospice by the Sea, Boca Helping Hands, George Snow Foundation, Child Rescue Coalition and many others.

Margi is a true gem deserving of praise, but never looking to receive it. She is a passionate volunteer who truly wants to make an impact on her community in any way possible.