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Best Foot Forward provides three distinct programs for students of varying grade levels. Through a team-oriented approach led by BFF Coaches, our innovative programs combine educational planning, monitoring, advising, and support. We believe that positive school experiences enhance the well-being of foster care youth, improve their academic success, and ultimately reduce behavioral issues.


  • Meet regularly with students at school
  • Review and explain all assignments and grades
  • Provide incentives for positive reinforcement
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders
  • Facilitate school and child welfare team communication
  • Support 504 and ESE plans


Our K-7th grade program helps children develop their basic skills and identifies any potential learning issues during this fundamental stage. Our Coaches emphasize reading remediation, reinforce curriculum, and develop supplemented materials all while working closely with teachers and administration. They use strategies such as:

  • Support the teacher’s lesson plan while strengthening reading and writing skills being taught in the classroom
  • Provide one-on-one reinforcement and remediation to the student¬†during the school day
  • Provide consistency to student by following the student if placed at a different Palm Beach County school
  • Help to ensure students receive appropriate ESE services and 504 accommodations
  • Develop test taking and study skills
  • Improve organizational skills
  • Build Problem-Solving Skills
  • Cultivate communication and self-advocacy skills


Our 8th – 12th grade program motivates students to engage and invest in their educational futures. The program prepares students for a successful school experience through essential planning and skill development. Our Coaches provide support from the beginning of high school to graduation through the following strategies:

  • Analysis of diploma options and creation of education plans
  • Develop test taking and study skill development
  • Improve organizational skills
  • Build Problem-Solving Skills
  • Cultivate communication and self-advocacy skills
  • Provide individual academic tutoring as needed
  • Prepare for EOC and assessments
  • Plan for post-secondary education


The college program is critical to the success of foster youth in their post-secondary education. Through continued guidance and support, our program helps students navigate college with the following tools:

  • Financial aid application and annual follow-up
  • Scholarship applications and annual follow-up
  • Course selection and registration
  • Accommodations