Our vision is for foster care youth to be afforded the same educational opportunities as all other children.


Our mission is to empower foster care youth to maximize their potential by providing essential academic support and guidance.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu




Less than a week ago, the lives of seventeen students and adults at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were cut short. One senseless, unfathomable act of violence tore through a community in our very own backyard, putting a campus of over 3,000 students at risk. 

So much has already been said in this short time, from politically-charged headlines on mental health and gun violence to impassioned tweets from students rightfully filled with rage. And, while this community heals from this tragedy, many wonder why we still find ourselves talking about something so unspeakable. READ MORE!


A BASH to Remember!

Thank you for coming to the 2018 BFF Bash! As our biggest turnout to date, this year’s bash was one we’ll always remember. We listened to inspiring speeches and put our best foot forward on the dance floor –– but, most importantly, we raised more for our students than we ever expected.

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