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There is so much going on at Best Foot Forward. We are finishing the school year with over 110 students who have had tremendous success with our one-on-one intervention programs. We are now preparing for graduations and summer learning programs and will share more details about those next month. For now, read about what’s going on at best Foot Forward in our latest newsletter edition. Read our May Newsletter!

Graduations are here!

It’s time for graduations!

We have 14 students graduating high school and we are so proud of their major accomplishment.

Stay tuned for lots of graduation pictures coming soon!

The BEST FOOT FORWARD FOUNDATION is the only nonprofit organization in Palm Beach County dedicated to the educational success of youth who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and have entered the foster care system. By empowering children in foster care, Best Foot Forward helps avoid the all-too-common negative outcomes many experience. Those include:
• 54% drop out of high school
• 97% drop out of college
• 40% of 18 to 22 year-olds have been homeless and/or “couch surfed”
• 40% have been arrested and 30% have been in jail or detention
Our programs support, guide and empower foster care youth, giving them every opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. Best Foot Forward is committed to building promising futures for foster care youth and helping each student reach their full potential.