Etiquette Dinner

Etiquette Dinner 2715 3625 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Do you ever forget which water glass is yours? Thanks to an etiquette presentation by Barbara Benson Wymer from Benson Protocol, students in our College & Beyond program now know! We are…

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Simply the Best BASH Photos 2019

Simply the Best BASH Photos 2019 291 212 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Woman Volunteer of the Year Nominee

Woman Volunteer of the Year Nominee 2021 1681 Best Foot Forward Foundation

We are so proud to nominate Meryll Bangsil for the 2019 Junior League of Boca Raton Woman Volunteer of the Year. Meryll is an outstanding supporter epitomizes volunteer spirit and…

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Celebrating an Adoption!

Celebrating an Adoption! 953 824 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Finding a forever family is what so many children in foster care dream of, and we are over the moon excited for Glori and Jojo for finding theirs. Coaches Nina…

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Training in Court

Training in Court 3721 2144 Best Foot Forward Foundation

All rise! For children in foster care, court proceedings are a part of life. The primary role of the court is to protect the child and to ensure they are…

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Learning Vowels

Learning Vowels 1251 796 Best Foot Forward Foundation

You can’t come into the schools with us, so we thought we would bring it to you! Coach Elyse is amazing with the younger students, as you can see here. She…

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The BFF BASH 4320 2880 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Every year, the BFF BASH is a sell-out success story. This year was no different, with 500 in attendance in support of our programs. 30 students attended this year, our…

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Write it in Your Agenda!

Write it in Your Agenda! 1536 2048 Best Foot Forward Foundation

From calendar apps to the old-fashioned pen and paper method, there are many ways to remain organized. But, how do we incorporate organization within a school environment? We believe agendas…

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Learning to be Safe in School

Learning to be Safe in School 954 954 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Teachers have so much more to think about nowadays than just teaching math, reading and science. The safety of their students, and themselves, is foremost on everyone’s minds. One year…

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Complimenting Children

Complimenting Children 225 225 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Doesn’t everyone love a compliment? All children respond to compliments, particularly those that are specific and behavior oriented. The children we work with would rarely hear compliments growing up, in…

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