Footnotes: A letter to those who want to make a difference.

Footnotes: A letter to those who want to make a difference.

Footnotes: A letter to those who want to make a difference. 800 1012 Best Foot Forward Foundation

A letter to those who want to make a difference:

A little background about myself: My name is Erin and I am a senior in college. This summer I had the privilege of interning with BFF. My main responsibility was to create a yearly blog schedule, which included brainstorming content for blog posts each week of every month and conducting in-depth research of social media marketing techniques that optimize site traffic.

How did I hear about BFF? The mother of my first best friend EVER (shout-out to Rainbow of Love preschool!!) is close friends with Donna Biase. Their daughters were best friends as well. Small world, indeed.

The first time I walked into BFF’s office I was greeted by smiling faces; the energy was so positive. In my personal experience, it is rare to enter a place of work and feel as if you’ve just walked straight into a force field of pure goodness. It was clear to me in a matter of seconds that these people genuinely love what they do. What really won me over were Donna and Debbie. As soon as I met them, I knew that BFF was special. Two smart, accomplished, kind women running a successful non-profit that aims to improve foster youth’s opportunities in life… I can’t think of anyone better to have as bosses.

What exactly makes BFF so special? Well, after my initial office visit, I got to dive deeper into their social media posts. Once watching several YouTube videos of volunteers decorating foster kids’ rooms with streamers and balloons for their birthdays, I concluded that this organization was truly extraordinary. Everyone from the bottom up of BFF plays a key role in making a positive impact in a child’s life. They genuinely care about these children’s wellbeing.

BFF’s mission is to help provide foster kids the same educational opportunities as other students. But, from my perspective, BFF goes above and beyond help in the classroom. Volunteers and staff not only personally meet with teachers, but they also buy toiletries for recent high school grads moving into college dorm rooms, exchange gifts come holiday season, and aid in handling complicated casework.

BFF is unique amongst other non-profits because it has successfully created an environment that empowers foster children to believe that they themselves control their future. Only you have the power to become the best version of yourself. I sincerely believe that BFF will eventually influence lives beyond those in Palm Beach County.

So, how can you make a difference? Many people say they want to get more involved in volunteer work, but rarely do they go through with this statement. I am certainly guilty of it. Donna and Debbie made me realize that even the smallest actions can make waves in someone’s life, so why not spare a chunk of your Saturday afternoon to better the lives of children who desperately need support? Just pop into their office and ask about ways to help. They couldn’t be more appreciative for any assistance offered.

Something that impacted me: One day, I was sitting at BFF’s conference room table, scanning the walls that consist of framed photos of foster kids they’ve helped over the years. My eyes abruptly stopped at several photos of girls’ and boys’ faces that I went to school with. I had no idea that they were foster children. “Is this a good thing that I can’t tell?” I thought to myself. These kids never seemed unhappy at school. I am still not entirely sure how to feel about witnessing my friends’ faces on that white wall, but BFF must have done a damn good job of making those kids lives a little easier because I would have never been able to tell that they were disadvantaged in any aspect of life. However, I can’t thank BFF enough for teaching me that you never truly know what a person’s life is like, especially behind a seemingly perfect smile.

Those of you who took the time to read this letter, I hope my experience has inspired you in some way to go make a difference in someone’s life, whether that is through BFF or not. Thank you Donna and Debbie for giving me the opportunity to further your mission. I am so grateful.