TEAMWORK is EVERYTHING! 1200 799 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much~ Helen Keller
Every business can be more successful with a really good team, and at BFF we are so lucky to have an incredible group of people who are dedicated, hard working, and all happen to like each other! It’s that teamwork that allows us to continuously improve our programs because we are able to:
• talk through issues together
• brainstorm and embrace new and innovative ideas
• build on everyone’s strengths
• share in each other’s accomplishments

We’re a small but powerful team! We have our elementary school ‘Foundations’ team, middle and high school ‘Grounded 4 Life’ team, and our college ‘Horizons’ team.

What we do is not easy. On any given day, we are dealing with very difficult issues and hearing stories that are truly heart breaking. All the more reason that we need to surround ourselves with a team that will lift us up when we need it, and remind us of the reason we are here and the amazing impact we are having. In fact, it’s the accomplishments that keep us going the most.

To keep things fresh, our coaches try to go out with each other whenever possible. They can learn from each other, and it also reinforces to the students that they are part of a larger team.

Our new coach, Melanie, had this to say after her first day out:
“I thought I was going to make an impact on her life, but quite the opposite happened! She made an impact on MY life!!! I met my new student today and it was wonderful! Her face lit up when she saw us and her smile brightened the room. She couldn’t wait to tell us about her summer experiences with her foster parents. Boating and playing soccer were the best parts of her summer. She also told us all her favorites, such as painting her nails and using shiny hair accessories for her beautiful curly hair. Oh, and one last thing that she absolutely loves- STAR WARS!!”

It sure will be easy to choose a birthday present for this little girl! Thanks Melanie and welcome to the incredible BFF team. Together, we will continue to do our best to change lives and make a difference for as many foster children as we possibly can!