Are you a worrier?

Are you a worrier?

Are you a worrier? 650 488 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Are you a worrier? Worrying is a part of life; albeit bigger for some people than others, but no one can avoid it completely.

With Hurricane Irma, it was very easy to worry since there were so many things to worry about. At BFF, we worried about each other, where would everyone go to be safe, did we all have enough food and water, but what we didn’t anticipate worrying about was all our kids in college.

We have 7 college students living in dorms in colleges throughout Florida. Each school had a different policy for hurricane plans and evacuation, and each situation required a lot of coordination. And worrying. Do our kids have what they need? Do they know where to go? Are they scared or nervous?

With a lot of texting and problem solving, they all had plans and were safe and sound. We are proud of the way they handled everything; they didn’t panic. They planned things through, and handled it so well. We are so proud of them!

The BFF team fared well during the storm. One of our team members spent a few days in a shelter with very spotty phone service, so we worried about her a lot, but she finally got home, safe and sound. Once the storm passed we checked on each student, one by one. They all did pretty well, considering. One of the highlights for us was getting a phone call from one of our students, a 16 year old teenage boy, who called to check on us to make sure we were okay. What a heart warmer!

School was closed and classes cancelled for the week. We know that getting back into the routine and focusing on studying can be a bit challenging for some kids. We will help them get back on track and will try not to worry about it too much!