BFF Blog: It Takes a Village

BFF Blog: It Takes a Village

BFF Blog: It Takes a Village 1673 2501 Best Foot Forward Foundation

For years, Best Foot Forward has been working together with the Palm Beach County School District. Our partnership ensures foster care youth have the necessary tools and support to achieve academic success. We like to think it “takes a village” to raise our kids.

We consider teachers to be our most indispensable partners. By working with our students every single day, teachers are often the first to see both their academic challenges as well as their improvements.

“I have worked with several BFF students over the past few years,” says Maria Martin, a teacher at Palm Beach Gardens. “To me, the best thing about BFF is that it empowers kids to believe in themselves.  The program gives needed support when life is challenging. BFF and the school work together to encourage our students to be the best.”

When a child feels behind in their coursework, their attitude or need to act out can often be misperceived. Best Foot Forward works closely with the school district to establish a strong line of communication between teachers and their students. By educating teachers about our student’s individual backgrounds, we can help alleviate any friction hindering their class time and ultimately, their success.

“Everyone benefits when we work as a team,” says Debbie Ellman, co-founder of BFF. “We consider ourselves a very important piece of the puzzle, but we are still just one piece. There are many others and we all need to work together for the good of the child.”