Why the BASH is important to us, & the kids!

Why the BASH is important to us, & the kids!

Why the BASH is important to us, & the kids! 203 275 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Jamari is a proud young man whose mother’s drug addiction and dysfunctional living circumstances caused him to miss years of school. He has moved more times than most people will in their lifetime, and he is only 15 years old. He recently entered foster care and sent his guardian a text message about needing help (see the text below).

When we learned about Jamari, we were ready to help. We will pair him with a BFF coach who is very knowledgeable on situations like his and will know just what to do to help him succeed. It will be a challenge, and he will need to work hard, but we will be with him every step of the way.

We raise money all year long to make sure we can provide programs that make the biggest impact on children in foster care, like Jamari. Our biggest event is coming up in just 6 weeks, on March 10, and we are hoping to raise a lot of money so we can continue our important work. It is also a time where we can share our year’s successes with our supporters, and recognize our 2018 Champion of Children, Judge James Martz.
“I feel so incredibly grateful to be able to co-chair our 2018 BFF Bash because by doing so, I hope to help enrich the lives of some beautiful children who have been dealt a tough hand” says Lisa Wheeler. “Please join us on March 10th and hear from the kids themselves how Best Foot Forward has changed their lives. I know if you do, you will be inspired as I have been to give from your heart to help.”

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