Valentine’s Day at BFF!

Valentine’s Day at BFF! 1920 2560 Best Foot Forward Foundation

This Valentine’s Day, we gave each student something sweet and fun so they would feel special, because they very much are to us! Thank you to the Moabery family for…

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AVID Certification

AVID Certification 1200 900 Best Foot Forward Foundation

We are proud of our program team members for becoming AVID certified! AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a learning-readiness program designed to help students develop the…

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Get Smart, Get Safe Packages

Get Smart, Get Safe Packages 323 250 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Back to school has never looked like it does this year, and we want to ensure our students are ready for whatever it entails and are set up for success.…

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Newsletter April 2020

Newsletter April 2020 916 904 Best Foot Forward Foundation

We have been busier than ever take care of our students, making sure they have food and supplies, along with helping them with online learning. Read all about it in…

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Writing Letter with our Students

Writing Letter with our Students 2864 2212 Best Foot Forward Foundation

School Supplies in Demand!

School Supplies in Demand! 450 280 Best Foot Forward Foundation

No matter how hard students prepare for that big test or final paper, not having the right school supplies could hinder their success. Unlike kids living in adverse environments and…

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Are you a worrier?

Are you a worrier? 650 488 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Are you a worrier? Worrying is a part of life; albeit bigger for some people than others, but no one can avoid it completely. With Hurricane Irma, it was very…

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