Write it in Your Agenda!

Write it in Your Agenda!

Write it in Your Agenda! 1536 2048 Best Foot Forward Foundation

From calendar apps to the old-fashioned pen and paper method, there are many ways to remain organized. But, how do we incorporate organization within a school environment?

We believe agendas are key to better organization, improved time management, and decreased procrastination. So much so that we’ve developed a comprehensive program to introduce this tool to our students. By offering incentives, fun contests, and prizes, Best Foot Forward aims to showcase why the tool is so important and to encourage students to use it.

While there are many scheduling tools to choose from, agendas allow students to better plan their tasks and manage their time –– two components that are essential to organization. Having one central hub for all academic and personal events helps keep things streamlined, enabling students to track every assignment and upcoming due date.

Once students receive an assignment, we always encourage them to write it down. Taking note of the task specifics and associated due dates will allow students to manage their time accordingly. For large projects, students can break down the assignment into smaller, more manageable tasks, creating a timeline that adequately suits their schedule. This helps students feel less overwhelmed and more confident that they can accomplish their workload.

By using an agenda, students can ensure all assignments are finished on time and to the best of their ability. Some students may even complete their tasks ahead of schedule, avoiding the stress that comes along with doing things at the very last minute. Having this clear level of organization is critical to building good time management and ultimately, achieving academic success.

Everyone has their own approach to staying organized, but we believe keeping an agenda is the most effective method for our students. Do you use an agenda? Let us know about your experience below!