#ParklandStrong 221 228 Best Foot Forward Foundation

On Valentine’s Day, the lives of seventeen students and adults at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were cut short. One senseless, unfathomable act of violence tore through a community in our very own backyard, putting a campus of over 3,000 students at risk.

So much has already been said in this short time, from politically-charged headlines on mental health and gun violence to impassioned tweets from students rightfully filled with rage. And, while this community heals from this tragedy, many wonder why we still find ourselves talking about something so unspeakable.

No matter how familiar, no matter how painful, the conversation must continue. A change will not come unless we encourage a dialogue, and thankfully, that conversation has already begun.

The events that unfolded in Parkland last week will never be forgotten, and due to many of the brave and determined students from that school and many others, we hope they will be the last of their kind. A necessary push for increased counseling and resources for at-risk students could also make a world of difference. When we look for solutions or ways to minimize the potential risk, we applaud ideas such as the one described in this blog, where a teacher finds a way to identify disconnected students early on http://bit.ly/2EF1E7y.

Many of our kids here at Best Foot Forward have experienced traumatic childhood events that significantly impact their own mental health. We make a concerted effort to tailor each student’s educational plan to their unique history so that no child slips through the cracks.

Without question, every student should feel safe and nurtured in his or her learning environment. We stand by the students, faculty, and their families at this time. #NeverAgain