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Teachers and students rejoice, because ’tis the season for winter break. Now that our college students are out of school, we wanted to talk about something near and dear to our hearts: graduation. We could not be more proud of David, who just graduated Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. CONGRATULATIONS DAVID!

What makes his graduation so incredible is that he did it against all odds. Earlier this month, research from the National Working Group on Foster Care and Education revealed the educational outcomes of children in foster care. According to these findings, about 20 percent of foster youth who graduated from high school attend college, compared to 60 percent of students in the general population. While the disparity in college enrollment is clear, how many of these students later walk across the graduation stage to accept their diploma? Turns out those numbers are even more concerning – only 3 percent actually attain their degree.

That’s where Best Foot Forward’s Horizons Program steps in.

That same report talked about how a strong educational foundation, emotional support, and attendance promotion can help foster youth overcome and achieve educational success. In order for our students to succeed in their secondary education, we emphasize these core values in our college Horizons program. Through continued guidance and support, we strive to deliver the same resources and attention to students on their college journey that we provided throughout their high school years in the Grounded for Life program.

“Best Foot Forward has been thorough the beginning of the process to the end, without them I’m not sure what would have happened” said Tina, recently back from the University of South Florida. “Their support and resources made my fall semester a success!”

For every student home from college this month, enjoy your winter break! Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays from the team at Best Foot Forward.