We Are Hiring!

We Are Hiring! 1080 1080 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Join our mission to empower at-risk and foster students in Palm Beach County. We are growing, and are excited to expand our team with individuals who are passionate about making…

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Thank You, Teachers!

Thank You, Teachers! 100 110 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Teachers, who love teaching, teach children to love learning! ~Robert John Meehan We all remember our favorite teachers, teachers who helped shape our lives and whose memory immediately transport us…

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Drawing Inspiration from our BFF Art Project

Drawing Inspiration from our BFF Art Project 2048 1536 Best Foot Forward Foundation

This past Saturday, the Boca Raton Museum Art School welcomed our students for an inspirational day of creativity. Lynn Stender lead the group, joined by volunteers Laura McCutcheon and Deanna…

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Out of the Mouths of Babes 800 600 Best Foot Forward Foundation

At Best Foot Forward, our goal is to help students be successful in school. The more we get to know them, the more effectively and efficiently we can help them.…

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Newsletter May 2017

Newsletter May 2017 150 150 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Read all about the latest information and news from Best Foot Forward in our May newsletter.  

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