December Graduates

December Graduates 1709 2560 Best Foot Forward Foundation

The achievements of our students are nothing short of remarkable, and we wanted them to have a special graduation celebration to honor their hard work. Thank you to BFF partner…

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December College Graduates

December College Graduates 1080 1080 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Every college graduation is incredibly special! Our students not only overcome extremely difficult and challenging obstacles, but also beat the odds, given the 3% national college graduation rate for those…

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Back to School 2021

Back to School 2021 800 804 Best Foot Forward Foundation

After a year and a half of not seeing our students in person, we were anxious to throw them a big back to school party, and that is just what…

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Jeff’s Big Surprise!

Jeff’s Big Surprise! 2560 1707 Best Foot Forward Foundation

We recently celebrated the graduation of one the hardest working students we know, Jeff! You may remember Jeff from a few years ago, when his perseverance led him to pass…

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Congrats Graduates!

Congrats Graduates! 3840 5760 Best Foot Forward Foundation

The Coronavirus made it impossible for most seniors to have a traditional high school graduation, but nothing could keep us from celebrating this milestone with our kids. Since they were…

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Graduation Photo Shoot

Graduation Photo Shoot 3156 4752 Best Foot Forward Foundation

Operation Graduation Photo Shoot was a huge success! THANK YOU Gina Fontana for donating your time and expertise, photographing our seniors to commemorate their graduation. THANK YOU to Herff Jones for…

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Graduations! 3024 4032 Best Foot Forward Foundation

We are very proud of our newest college graduates for overcoming adversity, defying the odds and earning their degrees. Only 46% of foster children grow up to graduate high school,…

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CONGRATS GRADUATES! 4032 3024 Best Foot Forward Foundation

What a great graduation party at ChildNet, it was so much fun as we celebrated the amazing accomplishment of our students. Jim Sackett was our emcee and sponsors Speak Up for Kids Palm Beach…

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Get Ready to be INSPIRED!

Get Ready to be INSPIRED! 1200 762 Best Foot Forward Foundation

We are proud to share Jeff’s heart-warming video with you because it encompasses everything we work for and believe in. Our kids have been dealt a life of disadvantage and face…

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How Foster Kids Can Succeed in College!

How Foster Kids Can Succeed in College! 1200 799 Best Foot Forward Foundation

3%. It’s a good number if you are looking at the risk of thunderstorms, not so good if you are looking at the college graduation rate for kids who grew…

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