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Are you part of a book club, or know someone who is? Book clubs are often thought of as being for adults, but it is an amazing activity for kids too! Book clubs are a great way to bring up and discuss important issues and life lessons in an enjoyable way; for the kids, it’s
3%. It’s a good number if you are looking at the risk of thunderstorms, not so good if you are looking at the college graduation rate for kids who grew up in foster care. In our short number of years doing the work we do, we have come to learn exactly why that 3% exists,
We really don’t do many events throughout the year, but the Battle of the Bartenders is a great one! It’s part of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce Festival Days, which is a creative program they organize to bring business to a for-profit company in the heat of summer, while raising money and exposure
FOOTNOTES! A BFF Blog! It’s hard to believe that it’s the first day of school! Where did the summer go? One of the best parts of the end of summer, maybe the only part, lol, has to be our Back to School party. It is 1 of the only 2 times a year that we
We’re starting a blog! It’s something that we have been thinking of doing for a few years now and we thought it made sense to start with an explanation of what we do, particularly because people have a very hard time figuring out exactly what we do. Most people think we are tutors, and for
THANK YOU to the volunteers who help BFF throughout the year. Whether it is planning an event, helping in our office, organizing a collection for items, tutoring a student….every piece helps.   CONGRATULATIONS to our high school graduates! We are very proud of you beating the 46% high school graduation rate for foster youth. Welcome
Best Foot Forward is dedicated to changing the lives of the children in foster care in Palm Beach County! Every week we meet our students in their schools and we show them how to review their grades, teaching them what each assignment or test means so they understand the effect on their grade. Together we
We look forward to 2014 and the impact we will have on so many young lives with your support. THANK YOU! Happy Holidays to everyone!!