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For more information on volunteer opportunities, holding a collection for our students or other ways of getting involved, please contact Debbie at dellman@bestfoot.org.

10 Ways to Get Involved:


Is occasional volunteering more your speed? You can BE AN ‘AS-NEEDED’ VOLUNTEER by helping with tasks in the office, preparing for an event or other short term projects.


Are you available on a weekly basis to HELP IN OUR OFFICE? There are so many projects and tasks that you can help complete.


Do you like to bake? Our kids love HOMEMADE BAKED GOODS like cookies and brownies. Bring them in anytime!


Are you artistic? There are a lot of things we need throughout the year from DECORATING AT AN EVENT to creating things like recognition certificates for our students.


Do you like selecting and wrapping presents? HOLIDAYS & BIRTHDAYS keep us busy throughout the year. We are always wrapping student gifts and preparing gifts of appreciation for the many teachers and guidance counselors we work with. Help us with that!


Can you tutor a student in high school or college? TUTORS ARE OFTEN NEEDED for our middle, high school and college students, from Boca Raton up to Palm Beach Gardens and everywhere in between. All subjects are needed, with an emphasis on math and science. Tutors must be 21 years or older.


Do you enjoy planning events? Let us know, we would love to have your help. Perhaps you love the BFF programs but only have time to attend our events?  That’s great and you can make it even better by bringing a friend!


Are you on social media? Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? You can LIKE OUR PAGE, COMMENT ON AND SHARE OUR POSTS on a regular basis. That helps us keep our page visible and expands our reach. You can also share our emails with your friends and family.


Have a TEENAGER WHO WOULD LIKE TO GET INVOLVED and earn community service hours? There are a lot of things they can do. They can host a drive to collect items for our students such as books, clothing, small gifts, gift cards…they can hold a bake sale, car wash, or other event to raise money for our programs…they can do computer research for us… they can collect gifts at a birthday party or bar or bat mitzvah for our students.


Perhaps you love BFF programs but do not have time to volunteer? You can still help by following our stories, spreading the word and telling people about BFF.

Volunteer Application

Click to open the application, complete the information and fax to 561-922-6459 or email to dellman@bestfoot.org.