What We Do

Nationally, only 46% of youth in foster care graduate high school and 3% graduate college. For children in foster care, educational achievement is the greatest counterweight to the negative effects of abuse and neglect. BFF removes many barriers and offers the guidance and advisement needed for educational success. Our programs ensure students have the same tools and support afforded to children in traditional homes. Through one-on-one attention and the following strategies, high school graduation is within reach for every foster care youth in our program. Best Foot Forward uses the following strategies that lead to academic success:

-Analysis of Diploma Options

-Comprehensive Education Plans

-Test Taking & Study Skill Development

-Organizational Skills

-Graduation Tracking

-Online/Virtual Education Support

-Individual Academic Tutoring

-EOC and Assessment Preparation

-SAT/ACT Preparation

-Core Course Remediation

-Communication & Self Advocacy Development

-Post-Secondary Placement Plan

Positive school experiences enhance the well-being of foster care youth and increase their chances to become independent, responsible and contributing adults.
One of the most critical factors that lead to academic success for a child is consistency- one person who holds expectations and provides motivation. BFF pairs each student with an Graduation Coach. Benefits include:

-Meeting with students regularly at school

-Reviewing and explaining all assignments and grades

-Providing incentives for positive reinforcement

-Collaborating with all stake holders

-Facilitating school and child welfare team communication

Our programs combine educational planning, monitoring, advisingand support led by BFF Coaches. BFF is uniquely positioned to effectively coordinate a comprehensive suite of services within our 4 programs.
Our elementary school FOUNDATIONS program provides opportunities for children to improve their basic skills and develop a stronger academic foundation. Our middle school TRANSITIONS program prepares students to be successful in high school through essential planning and development of necessary skills. Our high school GROUNDED FOR LIFE program supports students from the beginning of high school through graduation. It ensures students have the same opportunities to succeed academically as their non-foster care youth cohorts. Our college HORIZONS program provides continued guidance and support as students learn to navigate the ins and outs of college