Executive Team

Donna Biase
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

While her background is in accounting and auditing, giving back to her community has always been a part of Donna’s...

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Debbie Ellman
Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer

Debbie Ellman has volunteered tirelessly in the public school system in Palm Beach County for many years. Through a community...

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Caren Sollod
Grounded for Life Program Director

For more than a decade, Caren Sollod has dedicated her efforts to making a difference in the lives of children....

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Luz Chandeck
Foundations Program Director

Believing that a stable home and a good education are two of the most important things a child needs to...

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Rosmery Rivas
College Director - Admissions & Financial Aid

Rosmery brings an extensive background in the college enrollment process to Best Foot Forward. Rosmery assists them with navigating the...

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Mandy Bennett
College Director - Advising & Scholarships

For the last 20 years, Mandy has been influencing the lives of Palm Beach County high school students in various...

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