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While some kids hunt for the Easter Bunny and its carefully misplaced eggs, children in foster care may be searching for something else, and while the holidays this weekend should be anything but emotionally stressful, for our kids it can be just that. For many, the holidays are a time to gather with family. A
March for Our Lives took place this weekend, bringing people from around the world together in a loud call to end gun violence. We are so proud of our college student, Tina, who felt that she could be a part of the solution. Standing up for what you believe in is something we hope all
Thank you for coming to the 2018 BFF Bash! As our biggest turnout to date, this year’s bash was one we’ll always remember. We listened to inspiring speeches and put our best foot forward on the dance floor –– but, most importantly, we raised more for our students than we ever expected. All thanks to
On Valentine’s Day, the lives of seventeen students and adults at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were cut short. One senseless, unfathomable act of violence tore through a community in our very own backyard, putting a campus of over 3,000 students at risk. So much has already been said in this short time, from politically-charged
We open our hearts  and minds to our students every day of the year, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Classrooms across the country celebrate the day devoted to sweet sentiments and Sweethearts candies. On February 14th, most students will excitedly pack their backpacks with “Would You Be Mine?” greeting cards and heart-shaped chocolates to share
For years, Best Foot Forward has been working together with the Palm Beach County School District. Our partnership ensures foster care youth have the necessary tools and support to achieve academic success. We like to think it “takes a village” to raise our kids. We consider teachers to be our most indispensable partners. By working with
Jamari is a proud young man whose mother’s drug addiction and dysfunctional living circumstances caused him to miss years of school. He has moved more times than most people will in their lifetime, and he is only 15 years old. He recently entered foster care and sent his guardian a text message about needing help
No matter how hard students prepare for that big test or final paper, not having the right school supplies could hinder their success. Unlike kids living in adverse environments and financial need, children with the means to purchase new school supplies are already one step ahead.   BFF takes a stand to ensure students in
We are proud to share Jeff’s heart-warming video with you because it encompasses everything we work for and believe in. Our kids have been dealt a life of disadvantage and face so many obstacles and barriers, that success often seems impossible to them. No matter how difficult the situation, we teach them to never give up.